Wednesday, January 14, 2009

mood disorder bipolar 2

I get really happy, really sad, or angry out of nowhere, for no reason. I cant help it. Everyday it happens. I have problems getting up and getting started in the morning. And I feel out of it in the mornings. Then by about lunch time, Im happy I have energy, and Im hyper, I talk fast, and I do stupid things on an impulse. Then an hour later I feel depressed and suicidal. Or I will get mad for an hour. Usually Im really happy for an hour (longest three hours), then Im depressed for a really long time. Other times im happily depressed. If that makes any sense. I will have energy, and think fast but also want to kill myself. Sometimes I get angry for no reason. I take my anger out on the people around me and I try reall hard not to. Im getting better at it. But I take the anger out on me. I cut to calm down. It really helps focousing on the pain. My mood changes a lot durning the day. And I feel like I have no control over what I feel.

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